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Relationship counselling


We help individuals, couples, and families with various relationship challenges. We help you to overcome Stress, Anger & anxiety. We provide a complete solution to overcome such challenges.

About the Course

In relationship makeover counselling, you get guidance and solution for the following -

  • help you with various Relationship Challenges

  • We help you to deal with a Couple of Challenges and various issues

  • We work with Parents and Children to overcome challenges faced by them

  • We help you to overcome Stress, Anger & Anxiety

  • We help you with your Family Challenges

  • We create a Healthy Work-Life Balance for you

Get counselling from our relationship expert Mr Ankit Vijay

Your Instructor

Ankit Vijay

He is the founder and CEO of Making Spark. He is a Career & Life Counselor, Business Coach and Relationship Mentor

Ankit Vijay
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