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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach out to the youth and help them transform personally and professionally. 

We make RISINGPRENEURS. A unique concept introduced by us is where we work with young entrepreneurs and make their passion into a profession. We believe everyone who has the mindset to achieve the highest and inspire others is Risingpreneurs. We wish to bring a revolution to society. 

AV & RD- The Rising Duo

Mr. Ankit Vijay and Mr. Rohil Dhaka, the founders of Making Spark coming from a non-business background had a dream of doing something different. With passion and entrepreneurial mindset, they established Making Spark transform and Inspire Millions of lives & help them in their career, life growth, business growth, and health. 



AV- Ankit Vijay

Dil se dil tak

Founder Making Spark & Happy Parents Club 

Career & Life Counsellor | Business Coach | Relationship Mentor

ANKIT VIJAY (founder of Making Spark and Happy Parents Club), has worked with more than 5000+ Students & Parents with career and life counseling. Providing solutions and advice for a better future. He is a relationship coach and public speaker.


AV from his early childhood showed traits such as curiosity and keen learning abilities. Growing up he wanted to do something of his own, which can create an impact and difference in society and the mindset of the youth. He had a 9 to 5 job which he left to pursue his dreams. He faced many challenges during this journey but never gave up. He believes that everything happens for a reason, and so when he got a chance he grabbed the opportunity and since then never looked back. He highly believes in continuous improvement and self-development, and for that, he realized that he needs to improve himself in the first place. He being India’s 1st risingpreneure is on his way to transforming millions of lives. His objective is to help people with their career.

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RD- Rohil Dhaka

Umeed Nahi Zid Karo

Founder Making Spark & Fat to FIt Club

Business Automation Mentor | Health Coach and Influencer

ROHIL DHAKA (founder of Making Spark and Fat to Fit Club), is helping people to grow their business with the help of Business Automation & Influence people to live a healthy and fit life. His vision is to make the youth smart and healthy.


Coming from a middle-class family, his childhood was pretty normal but what made him different is his go-getter personality. He was very sure from the beginning that he wants to be an entrepreneur. He had a keen interest in technology and therefore he pursued mechanical engineering. The biggest challenge he faced was when he gained over 100 kg weight and realized that health should be one’s top priority. He turned his experience into learning and established a business to help several others to live a healthy lifestyle.  
He transformed his body and improved his skills and now he is on a journey to help thousands of entrepreneur to automate and grow their business. His objective is to influence people to understand the true essence of life with a fit body.
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