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This is a model for educational institutes to help them in shaping their students’ careers, skills and personality development.

About the Course


E- Entrepreneurship

P- Placement

I- Image Building

C- Counselling

EPIC Model is a one-stop 360° solution and unique aggregation of the holistic enhancement modules for students pertaining to Entrepreneurship, Placement, Image Building, and Counselling (Creating Positive Mindset). EPIC caters to all requirements for training, skilling and orienting students to face the upcoming dynamic era.

How does it benefit your institution and students-

  1. Provide a one-stop result-oriented solution including a career counselling camp.

  2. Understand & cover all the pain points of the stakeholders i.e. Teachers, Students, Administration, Management and Parents

  3. Provide our assistance in meeting the needs of the Accreditation

  4. Enhance the quality and double your faculty productivity

Your Instructor

Making Spark

Making Spark
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