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Career Counselling


Our purpose is to help the students and professionals to develop their skills and career, for which we provide counselling with the help of psychometric tests.

About the Course

With the help of the Psychometric Test, we help students and professionals choose the best career path and excel in it. We help them in finding out their true potential, hidden abilities and strengths

What is a Psychometric test?

Psychometric assessments are used in career guidance and employment to match a person's abilities and personality to a suitable career or role.

Why is it important for your child?

  • Know your child’s strengths and shape their career.

  • Know your child’s complete personality and choose their career domain accordingly.

  • Prevents them from choosing the wrong career.

  • Discover their hidden abilities.

  • Helps you in understanding Child Psychology

  • Guides & motivates your child to Convert their Passion into a Profession

Attempt the FREE Psychometric Test Get free career counseling for your child

Note - To generate report it will cost you 3000 Rs for detailed 30 - 40 page report

Your Instructor

Ankit Vijay

He is the founder and CEO of Making Spark. He is a Career & Life Counselor, Business Coach and Relationship Mentor

Ankit Vijay
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